1. What is the information required for a Model?
    Site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, perspective images, RAL color codes, sketch up or 3D max files.
  2. Which is the information required for a detailed offer?
    Scale of the model, material to be used on the model and base, Packaging required for transportation.
  3. Can you provide an offer which would fit our budget?
    Yes, subject to some conditions.
  4. What will be your processing lead time?
    Depending on size and intricacies of the work an average time will be 2 to 8 weeks. Our proposal will indicate more precise information.
  5. Can you incorporate technical functions like mechanizing, provide lightings etc….?
    We gracefully accept innovations as it helps to prove our capabilities.
  6. Which are the materials used in making a model?
    Depending on clients request models are made with wood, metal, acrylic, plastic and many more special materials.