Artistic's studio is well planned, equipped with advanced latest technology machineries and tools. A conducive working environment enhances our skilled and dedicated professionals to carve the dream of a client and the design of an Architect into reality.

Cutting & Engraving

This department handles complex architectural details which demands high precision is supported by state-of-the-art cutting and engraving machines. This special equipment's also helping us to meet our time schedule. Special tools are used to handle some intricate processes.

Lighting & Mechanizing

Lighting or illumination achieves some of the aesthetic effect and a visual treat on the models. Our team suggests and ensures uniform illumination on required areas like projection displays, LCD backlights and general lightings. Innovative ideas on mechanizing the models add more value and understanding. Our specially qualified professional put their ideas, experiment and test for an enchanting result.

Packing & Transporting

Quality packing materials are used in custom packaging, wood crafting, shrink wrapping and banding with safety feature provisions for better handling. Transportation provided with experienced manpower for safe handling on delivery of the product at the client site.

Design & Editing

Our design team has the art of creating and shaping the drawings received from the client. They are carefully edited, transformed, to scale size which enables the process of the model. High end computers and software are used to ensure the best output.

Carpentry & Painting

The model's base and stands are crafted by well experienced craftsman. Skilled and experienced painters use high quality paints and tools to achieve the desired color& texture designated by the architect.

Assembling & landscaping

This team handles a challenging task of combining the different processes of the model. Shaping, placing, gluing and ensuring perfection on joints are factors for an optimum result. Customized solutions are provided in adding a detailed interior, furniture, vehicles, humans, plants and trees. With creative manipulation we transform space and ambience that reflect functional and aesthetic considerations.