Architectural Models

Architectural models are often perceived as cultural, political and historical masterpieces. In addition we also cover various sectors like sports, residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, education, and retail. Our team visualizes and recreates client's expectations. We fulfil client's requirements by providing international quality, local service and delivery and most importantly value for money.

Master plan Models

Visionary people conceive a master plan to create dessert or barren land to a developed community. These models demand creative work, strategic placement and functional relationship to replicate the visionary's imaginations.

Interior Models

Turning interior spaces into effective conceptual development is the aim of our Interior models. Our trained artisans focus on designing ornamental and movable aspects of the interior such as colour, furniture, furnishings, moulding and panelling. Our team's technical knowledge spreads in areas like residential, commercial, universal, exhibition and spatial branding.

Industrial Models

Complex industrial models are recreated saving client's resources on countless conceptual problems. We specialize on precision and interactive models for off shore oil & gas, ports and other infrastructure building. Our models are well presented and portray details. It is indispensable in subject matters where practical demonstrations are impossible.

Marine Models

Our area of operation starts from barges, boats, cargo vessels, ships and yacht models which are critical and demands knowledgeable specialists. We have some of the technically advanced models makers who have the ability in problem solving which is valued the most by our clients.