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Architectural Scale Models

Architectural scale models are valued as the art of manifesting design and structural aspects of a building in miniature form.  Architectural scale models are often used by property developers to showcase projects to potential clients at exhibitions, experience centers, and sales galleries.

Architectural scale models are often made in full-color detail at ‘larger than life’ scales with lighting and highly detailed landscaping. This is to attract the attention of potential clients, however, not all architectural scale models are made this way and for this purpose.  Architectural scale models can be made for architects and designers as study models that help within the design process.  Architectural scale models made for architects are usually made more simplified than for developers and are usually to represent the built form, landscaping and landfall as a notion with monochromatic or minimal coloring finishes.

Architectural models can represent any built form from a villa to a multi-story high-rise. They can represent buildings that are residential, commercial, industrial or of mixed use.  These models can be made with varying degrees of detail from a simple massing form to maximum detail including all architectural features of exterior and interior.  Below are some examples displaying different types of architectural models in terms of detail and finishing.


Artistic massing model image

The above model is made predominantly from acrylic spray painted white. It shows the form of the buildings and podium in which they stand. They are usually used to study building massing and layout options in terms of shading, privacy, and outlook.  Due to their simplicity, an architect may opt to make more than one layout option in order to study the advantages and disadvantages of one option over another.


 artistic wooden massing model

Made in timber, this massing model is used in combination with detailed models to represent a nearby landmark. Often in model making, off-site adjacent structures and buildings are made as massing blocks to give context to the detailed project that is being displayed. Massing buildings and a full detailed building may also be made as a combination of timber and acrylic. 


artistic stylized massing model

The above example is classed as a stylized monochromatic massing model. It represents the built form of the project with minimal exterior facade details and representation of actual materials used. The model uses a combination of clear acrylics and lightweight timbers which gives the model a sophisticated presence.  These type of models are usually made for architects and designers for study and display purposes.  The model purposefully does not represent the actual materials of the project to accentuate its form over materiality.


Artisctic full detail monochromatic model image

The above example of model goes one step further in terms of detail and finishes. This model is a white monochromatic high detail model.  Its use of all white accentuates its form however, this model through the use of engraving and singular components represents the actual intended materials and the detail of the exterior of the building.  There is a variation of this type of model where the hard and soft landscaping around the built form may be made in full-color detail instead of all white.


artistic full color detailed model image-1

artistic full color detailed model image-2

The above example is of a full-color detailed model.  This is the idea of showing every possible detail in terms of color and materials.  All materials to the exterior of the built form are either engraved, colored and textured or a combination of the three to represent actual materials. These are the types of models that developers use as a powerful marketing tool to sell real estate to end users.


artistic interior detailed model

In most cases for architectural models, only the exterior of the buildings are represented however, there are options to include details to the interior of the model to add a touch of reality.  The interior may be modeled from simple white forms to full-color details.  The above example shows the interior in full color accentuated with interior lighting.

Recognizing the importance of architectural model projects Artistic Engineering Models will make sure to liaise with the client to understand the design intent and to develop a way to portray the intent through the model.  At Artistic we realize that each building design is individual so we understand the importance of communicating the architect's design language through the finished product.  With an architectural background, we can easily identify important design ideas through the reading of architectural drawings and manufacturing them visually within our models.

Artistic architectural model makers are the industry leaders delivering quality services in UAE, Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East by meeting completion deadlines without compromising on customer satisfaction.

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