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Interior Scale Models

Interior models are an effective sales medium used for showing three-dimensional internal views of an architectural project or a building. The internal layout and space can be visually experienced section wise. An interior model can be a piece of the building shown horizontally or vertically depending on the visual concept which the designer desires to convey.

Similar to architectural scale models interior models can be made in a range of material and finishing types from simple massing to white semi-detailed to full color detailed. With the help of modern technologies, these interior models can bring ideas to life. These types of models are mostly used to visually demonstrate the interior of apartments, shopping malls, offices, event spaces and more.


Interior models image-1

The above example of an interior model is the most common way to show the interior of a dwelling particularly a house, apartment, and shopping mall.  It is a horizontal section model cut just below the ceiling to allow for the viewing of the internal layout from above.  The amount of detail internally can vary from simple wall layout to full-color detail. This example shows a wall layout with material finishes and furniture for the added reality that provides a sense of scale.


removable roof model-1

removable roof model-2

Interior models can also be made as exterior detail architectural scale models with removable roofs that showcase interior layouts inclusive of walls, furniture, and intended material finishes. These type of models give the viewer a feeling for the internal space and its relation to the external space. 


section interior model-1

section interior model-2

Another way to showcase the design of an interior space is to model the exterior and interior in full and then split the model down the middle vertically.  In the closed position, it appears as a full detailed exterior model with the ability to split and display the interior.


interior through transparent wall image-1

interior through transparent wall image-2

Interior models are useful in showing the inner workings for industrial and maritime applications. The above images show the interior layout of an emergency diesel generator module however unlike the interior floor plan model there is no section through this model rather the exterior lining of the module is made in a transparent material to allow for internal analysis.

interior through transparent wall image-3

The above image is a similar idea applied to a duplex apartment by having a transparent external skin to view the interior.


hydraulic interior models image-1

The above example is of a full-color exterior and interior model in which the internal portion of the model lifts up on hydraulic posts to reveal the inner workings of the building. The interior spaces may be manufactured with lighting and furniture to provide a sense of scale and functionality.


interior models with hologram image-1

interior models with hologram image-2

interior models with hologram image-3

The above images are of a physical interior scale model coupled with pepper ghosting technology to produce a very realistic feeling of how the internal space may be used.  Other technologies include various forms of lighting and augmented reality. Using augmented reality in conjunction with a physical interior scale model couples as a very powerful tool for designers and their clients. 

Artistic Engineering Models recognizes the importance of interior scale models to our clients in conveying a feeling of being within an internal space. We use various model making techniques coupled with quality finishes to portray the intended feeling of the internal space modeled.

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