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Master Plan Scale Models

Master plan models are usually made for visionary people and master developers who plan to transform barren land to a large community, shoreland to waterfront development and even artificially created waterfront developments on mainland.  These sites can vary from residential, commercial or industrial to mixed-use projects.  Many master plan models built for the UAE and GCC areas consist of large parcels of land with hundreds to thousands of residences plus commercial infrastructure.

These models are very useful for sales and marketing events allowing the developers to showcase many residences on one model and their connection to surrounding areas such as commercial properties, parks, schools, public facilities, highways, and existing landmarks. It provides the viewer with a three-dimensional viewing arrangement of a site while giving an aesthetic appreciation for the overall project.

The choice of scale can vary the outcome of a master plan model quite dramatically.  In many cases, within the UAE these master plan models can represent huge parcels of land with thousands of villas spread across the entire site.  In turn, to represent a huge project like the one described, the model will need to be of a very small scale anywhere from 1:500 to 1:1000, it all depends on how much space the client can dedicate for the model.  To give a reference to the idea of scale, a two-story villa with actual height of 7 meters will be represented on a model of 1:500 scale as a height of 1.4 centimeters and on a model of 1:1000 the same villa will be a height of 0.7 centimeters.  The dramatic difference between the two scales mentioned means that the level of detail that can be shown at 1:500 may be reduced at 1:1000.

On many occasions developers of these large masterplan models will make an overall masterplan model showing all phases of development to help pinpoint to the client where a certain villa or building will lie and then they will have made a separate model at a larger scale showing a particular phase which will be made at a higher level of detail.

Another element of master plan models that can dramatically improve their potential as visual aids and to explain the overall project is through the use of LED lighting connected to touchscreen devices. These mini LED’s may be placed within individual buildings, units, villas, schools, and shopping centers and may be lit through the use of a touchscreen. Remote control devices such as iPads, Android devices coupled with Bluetooth and WIFI applications are also utilized for user-friendly operation. Touchscreens can be loaded with information such as text and computer animation explaining to the user the particular area highlighted on the model. With the combination of LED lighting, wireless touchscreen technology, and animated content the possibilities for interaction with the scale model are endless.

Similar to architectural scale models, masterplan scale models can also be made in varying levels of detail in regards to color and materials.  These can range from an entire masterplan model made as monochromatic massing blocks to a masterplan model made in full-color detail.  Below are some examples of master plan models made from varying materials and details.


Timber Massing Master Plan image-1

The above model represents a masterplan project using a combination of timber and acrylic massing blocks.  The blocks are placed onto a timber veneer base that has laser cut etching to represent roads, carparks, and footpath layouts.


Acrylic Massing Master Plan image-2

Acrylic Massing Master Plan image-2

The above images show an acrylic massing model. All buildings are represented as frosted massing blocks that are up lit using mini LEDs.  All landform is made through the use of layered white sheet acrylic contours and landscaping achieved using simplified subdued light green shrubs and flock. This type of model suits architects for entering design competitions where the overall notion of the project is required to be communicated without going in depth in terms of detail.


Acrylic Massing Master Plan image-3

The above is another example of an acrylic massing masterplan model however this model shows the surrounding roads, pavements, ocean and landscaping in full-color detail.


full color detail master plan models image-1

full color detail master plan models image-2

The above image is of a master plan in full-colour detail showing details of all facade treatments plus full details of hard and soft landscaping with pavements and roads. At Artistic Engineering Models we pride ourselves on adding full details even to models of small scale.

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