model making studio

Our Facility

Our facility is well-planned and equipped with the latest machines and tools. A comprehensive working environment that enhances our skilled professionals to carve the dreams of a client or the design intent of an architect.

Model making design team

Editing & Designing

Our editing & designing team have the expertise to meticulously review, edit and design with received client drawings. This enables us to meet our client’s desire in respect to size, scale and representation of the design in miniature.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our fleet of machinery includes high-quality laser cutting and engraving machines, CNC engravers, CNC routers and 3D prototyping machines. These facilitate in accomplishing the forming of complex shapes and designs.

Carpenter Workshop


When our talented carpenters handle the machines, every complex geometry becomes feasible.

Model Fabrication Team


Constructing the structure of the model and fabricating the sub assembly is an important element of model making. Our real strength lies here with the induction of a large number of model making technicians.

Experienced Model Painters


The multi-stage painting booths installed in our facility ensures a clean quality paint finish to our products. Our painting technicians have gifted hands to apply an artistic touch to the model finish.

Model Lighting & Programming Department

Lighting & Programing

The trend and highlight of contemporary scale models are their spectacular lighting features. Over the years the incorporation of various lighting sources like addressable LED’s have made the physical scale model, an interactive element with remote control devices like Ipads, Android tablets, and touchscreen systems.

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Our electronic engineering team’s prowess is commendable when it comes to lighting and programming we have you covered.  Their technical competence makes every specific requirement of our client achievable.

Model Assembling


In the final assembly all fabricated sub-assemblies, various lighting features, accessories, soft and hard landscaping come together to shape the model. With our large team and workspace, we have the ability to assemble many models simultaneously.

Model Landscapers


We have a large in-house landscaping material manufacturing capacity in our facility. Our skilled artistic team are proficient enough to make any specific soft and hard landscaping requirement.

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For particular vegetation, trees and landfills not made in our facility we use a reliable associate supplier skilled in the specific task of landscaping materials. 

Model Embellishments


We have a talented artistic team to apply just the right touch of embellishments to any model scenario. The life and soul of a model are transformed through the use of embellishments. Hence we give high priority to make our models adorable.

Model Packaging and Transportation

Packing & Transporting

Our packing crates and flight cases are made to international standards. Our flight cases are custom made to ensure the safe travel by all means of road, sea and air transport.