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Transport Scale Models

Transport ( Land / Water / Air )  Scale Models

Multi environmental models are used to represent real-world mechanics, where it acts as a powerful tool for studying its application, design scope and its future. These are basically used for the appraisal of any mechanical projects and enable the quantitative measures to analyse its impact on its working. Mechanical Models can be explained on the basis of its environmental presence.


Land models include vehicles, roads, rails, mobile units, drilling tools and machine models. These models are made for the purpose of education, demonstration and also to weigh a product’s functional property.

In the modern world, the miniature models help to learn more about factors like aerodynamics design and efficiency with a minimal cost implication. Historical vehicle models or military models are also made for knowledge sharing purposes.


Water models include shipbuilding platforms, rigs, ships, boats, submarines, navy vessels and tugboat models. Some of these models are showcased using glass cover and may be made interactive by adding programmable lights working in conjunction with touch screen devices.

These models can be made for purposes of marketing, knowledge sharing, project and funding approvals.


Air models include aircraft and aero plane models. They are made for purposes such as promotional and static model display. Promotional model includes aircraft models of different airlines which are gifted to travel agents for display in their offices. Static scale aircraft models are made to simulate in wind tunnels where data is recorded to use for the real aircraft designing.

These models can be made of plastic, wood, Styrofoam, carbon fiber or other suitable material. Our experienced designing team is capable of building customised aircraft models from normal ones to historic fighter jets. We are specialised in taking out every detail of the real ones and laying them down on the miniature model to resemble their real-life counterpart.

The real workflow of a machine can be demonstrated using miniature motors which can be used for teaching and training purposes. All the above models can be made on any desired size requested by the client.

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