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Industrial Scale Models

Complex industrial models are created to represent industrial structures or equipment, varying from simple structures or components to highly detailed representations. These replicas are made for exhibitions, industrial demos, studying and teaching purposes. These models help in planning and board approval processes which emulate the internal process of a manufacturing firm.

Before any critical machinery is made, it is common that professionals such as engineers and architects make models to discuss and explain to a layperson perspective on process and workflow. These models aid in determining the pros and cons of the design layout and to enhance the three-dimensional studying experience. It is indispensable in subject matter where practical demonstrations are impossible.

Engineering educational institutions procure models at the time of prototyping to enhance the three-dimensional studying experience.  It is also used by industries to train interns to create awareness on drill points and emergency exits.

We are without a doubt the number one industrial model making company in the entire Middle East.  Our expertise in engineering and the understanding of many past projects enable us to produce highly intricate details in our models which are unmatched by other model makers in the region.

To make complex industrial models, it is essential that the model making team has considerable knowledge of the precision work.  At Artistic, we have a specialized engineering team who carry out planning, designing, and execution of complex industrial demo models like steam boilers, gas flow chambers, power generation plants, sectioned machinery models and many more.

Over the past 15 years, we have made many industrial models and can account to the rising popularity of their usage in the many trade shows and industrial exhibitions across the Middle East.

Having made numerous amount of models for manufacturers, government projects and educational institutions both national and international, our team are well experienced and capable of incorporating every minute and intricate detail for a wide range of clientele.  Our spirit is to understand in depth primarily the client’s need and secondarily the process and machines internal workings prior to design and fabrication of any industrial scale model.

Industrial scale models can be manufacture using various model making techniques to portray the inner workings of the facility or component in question. Below are some examples of these techniques.


Transparent industrial scale model-1

Transparent industrial scale model-2

In the above example the roof of the model factory is made in transparent material to allow for understanding of internal process and machineries.  Models similar to these may also have lighting in machineries that are highlighted through the use of and iPad connected through wireless or Bluetooth technology.


industrial model with flow lighting-1

The above example uses multiple colored lights within miniature piping to convey the flow of different elements such as gas, oil, and water around an industrial facility. This technique may also be used within a building that has a transparent roof similar to the example above to display a certain process.


section model using hydraulics-1

section model using hydraulics-2


The above is an example of a model that lifts on hydraulics to expose a section running through a power generating island.  The section of the model also houses flow lighting all of which is explained and operated by a touchscreen.

We understand that each industrial project requires different model making techniques to portray to the viewer the exact inner workings therefore, prior to manufacture of any industrial models Artistic plans carefully in the execution of the above techniques for each and every project.

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