Industrial Scale Model | Hassyan Clean Coal Power Station

Industrial Scale Model | Hassyan Clean Coal Power Station

The 2,400MW Hassyan clean coal power station is an ultra-supercritical (USC) power plant being developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Hassyan Energy Company, a joint venture between Dubai Electricity & Water Authority and ACWA Power Harbin Holding Company, will own and operate the Hassyan power plant.

Upon completion, the project is set to be the first coal-based power plant in the region. The Hassyan coal power plant is being developed on a build-own-operate (BOO) basis using the independent power producer (IPP). 

The industrial model features the groundbreaking project that will play a significant role in helping Dubai to deliver on its energy mix ambitions.

Industrial model details:

Model Scale: 1:300 

Model Size: 300 x 250 cm


Hassyan 2.jpg (918 KB)


All the components of the power station, steam boilers, turbines, transformers, generators, storage tanks, control systems and the buildings were replicated with quality miniature models. The image above showcases the facility with intricate detailing of every single component.


Hassyan 3.jpg (395 KB)


A control panel is linked to the lighting system of the industrial model to highlight the different components of the facility. This gives a strong visual impact on the viewers in reference to the process flow across different components. 


Hassyan 4.jpg (1002 KB)


The real-like sea can capture anyone’s attention with the lighting and realistic waves as shown in the image above.


Hasyan 5.jpg (689 KB)


For achieving detailed visual results, different colors of lighting are used to indicate the components in the production process. This helps a viewer to better appreciate the technical facilities and resources.


Hassyan 7.jpg (332 KB)


For a better understanding of the facilities of the power station, a cross-sectional model design is used for various components that assist the viewers to give an insight into the internal structural aspects and specific detailing of the components as shown in the image above.


Hassyan 6.jpg (875 KB)


With the expert knowledge and experience of our team in the industrial model making domain,  they overcame the challenge of perfectly depicting a number of complex and technical facilities with limited input and technical resources from the client.

The power plant is expected to produce sufficient electricity to power approximately 250,000 households.

Artistic team is proud to build the scale model of this super-critical technology used for electricity production which will increase the plant’s efficiency significantly higher but with minimal environmental impact.