Physical Scale Model | Eco-Bus

Physical Scale Model | Eco-Bus

The Physical scale model of the first fully electric passenger bus which is developed by Abu Dhabi's Future Energy Company "Masdar"

Physical Scale Model Details : 

Model scale: 1:10

Model size : 105 x 25 x 32 cm

The Eco-Bus reflects the global trend towards sustainable mobility and electric buses are entering ever wider use to tackle climate change.

Scale model Eco Bus

The Eco-Bus has a lightweight aluminum body and uses more temperature-resistant, water-cool batteries located at its rear to enhance space efficiency. Features incorporated into the bus include advanced air-conditioning and electrochromic windows to enhance shading.


scalemodel Eco Bus

The exterior appearance of the bus is captured in the physical scale model with reference to the shape, colors, and lighting. The image below depicts all the components, such as the fan cooling system and the solar panels at the top of the transport scale model that is replicated with no detail ignored. 


Physical scale model, ecobus

With the high-end perfection of our model makers, the physical scale model of the eco-bus visualizes the innovative design and is an ideal presentation tool that lends an aura of energy to the viewers. 

Artistic team is proud and privileged to present this remarkable prototype of the UAE’s sustainable mobility sector.

Click below to watch a video. 

eco_bus youtube.jpg (206 KB)