Military Scale Model | SHIBL-2

Military Scale Model | SHIBL-2

The military scale model of SHIBL-2 which is designed and developed by Armored Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Factory.

Military Scale Model Details :

Model Scale: 1: 7

Model Size: 79 x 30 x 40 

The vehicle was designed with the primary focus being low operation and maintenance cost, safety, speed and maneuverability making it suitable for a variety of missions such as personnel transport, scouting and border patrol vehicle.

shibl10.jpeg (230 KB)


The military scale model reflects the bold look of SHIBL-2 with the armored hull and the bulletproof windows. As seen in the image above, the all-welded steel hull provides the occupants with protection.



In the image above, the multi-weapon gun holder which is replicated precisely showcases the craftsmanship of our model making team which allows the integration of various machine guns and a grenade launcher.



The design feature that upholds the courage and braveness of the military scale model is the firing port on both sides and on the rear of the vehicle. The image above reflects the detailing given to the exterior appearance of the vehicle in reference to shape and colors.


With the high-end perfection of our model makers, the wheels with the run-flat system are also scaled precisely in the vehicle model. In addition, the chassis of the military scale model which is made of steel frame contributed to getting the strong and armored overall look.


The daring yet classy look of the scale model makes it an eye-catching piece of art that can draw the attention of the viewers. It gives a strong impression on the overall design of the military vehicle and we are proud to be given the opportunity for building it.