Industrial scale model | Hatta Storage Plant

Industrial scale model | Hatta Storage Plant

The industrial model of the 250 MW  Hatta Pumped Storage Hydro-Electric Plant, being developed by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority ( DEWA ) at Hatta - Dubai.

Industrial Scale Model Details: 

Model Size: 326 x 236  cm

This strategic project is the first of its kind in the Arabian region and will diversify the energy mix, and support the economic, social & environmental development of Hatta. It will also achieve the goals of the Dubai Clean Energy 2050 Vision to provide 75% of Dubai’s total power output from clean energy by 2050.

physical scale model


In order to highlight the conceptual working principle of the hydro-electric plant, our team of model makers incorporated a hydraulic lifting mechanism for one halve of the model. This provided a dynamic effect on the industrial model that depicts the upper and lower reservoir of the facility. 

As shown in the image below, the hydraulic lifting mechanism unfolds the process of the water pumping facility from the lower reservoir giving the viewers a direct impact on the working principle. 

scale model


The industrial model is scaled down precisely with not just detailing the reservoirs, but also the supply tunnels, service roads, and the tourist locations of the project. The image below shows how well the overall landscape and topography of the Hatta mountains were captured by our model makers to replicate the entire site as realistic as possible. 


industrial scale model

The incorporation of addressable LED lightings enhanced the industrial model with real-like water features and also represented the dynamic water-flow system. The picture below shows how easily the viewers can capture the working principle of the hydro-electric plant.

industrial scale model

The interactive screen helps the viewers understand the project in detail by displaying the project overview,storage and generation processes by means of supporting text, images and animations. In addition, it also controls the model lightings to highlight the dams, tourist attractions, service roads and tunnels.

industrial scale model

The efficiency of the power plant will reach 90% with a 90-second response to the demand for electricity. 

Artistic team is proud to be a part of contributing to the “Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050” for an efficient and reliable source of energy storage. 

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industrial scale model