Power and Desalination Plant, Salalah

Power and Desalination Plant, Salalah

Sembcorp Power and Desalination Plant, Salalah - Oman

Engineering scale models happen to be one of the more challenging types of model to make.  In this model example and when comparing to Architectural models it is very apparent that there are many smaller machinery components to be made in conjunction with architectural building facades.

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This model of the Salalah Power and Desalination Plant was fabricated for our dear client Sembcorp and was installed on site within the administration office.  The model is mainly used for displaying to VIP guests the layout of the whole project allowing the client to explain the process of the plant without actually having to walk around the site in the heat.

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The model is made in full color detail at a scale of 1:250 and measures 5m x 3m. The model sits on a purpose made timber display table and is covered in 8mm tempered glass cover that protects the model from dust and damages.

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At the beginning of the model making process we made a site visit and clicked over a thousand photos so that we could use the images in conjunction with the provided drawings to manufacture the model.  The photos help us to get a feel for all materials cololurs and textures which we are very satisfied that have helped in the overall finish of the model.

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