Yas Beach Residence, Yas Island

Yas Beach Residence, Yas Island

Yas Beach Residence (YBR) Interactive architectural scale model of was built to match the level of detail requested by the client with a model scale: 1:76 model size: 400 x 320 cm. 

YBR is situated at Yas Island which is known for its marvellous beauty with the white sands, crystal clear water and natural mangrove surroundings. The majestic stretch of white sand with the serene beach marks the architectural brilliance of the beachfront residential plot.

The interactive scale model built by Artistic models with the utmost attention to detail to capture the unique beauty of the architecture.


Beach Residence (11)-2000.jpg (213 KB)


Features of the architectural scale model are :

  • An interactive screen with an application to support the project model for controlling the lights and more references about the project such as the floor plans, interior and exterior perspectives, etc.
  • Custom-built to control and light up the different kinds of apartment individually.
  • Lightings to exhibit the amenities such as gym, pool, and garden areas. 


Beach Residence (3)-2000.jpg (200 KB)


After having considered the site’s unique coastal location, our model makers also placed a scale model yacht to attract boating enthusiasts which made the overall look of the model more appealing as you can see in the image above.

 Beach Residence (16)-2000.jpg (250 KB)


With the high end perfection of our skilled model makers, the overall setting of the exceptional landscape view with the amazing architectural design of the residence is captured in the architectural miniature scale model.

Artistic team is proud and privileged to be involved in presenting this remarkable residential model that helped in adding a sense of luxury and classiness to the whole project. 

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